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GA-Z97MX Gaming 5 WOL

GA-Z97MX Gaming 5 WOL
« on: January 02, 2016, 12:03:49 pm »
Hello, I have a problem with my mother board.

Recently wanted to setup the remote power up function on my GA-Z97MX Gaming 5 Board.
Is it possible it not capable to WOL? (Wake On Lan)

When my PC is in off (its still connected to the enviroment), i walked to my switch to check out the board is give power to the lan card or not. And not give any power (the corresponsible led is not light up).

Btw for testing, enabled the keyboard power on to all key'S and it's not working either.

I went to power management and did not find the WOL enable function.
Its can be a bios or a hardware glich?

The board have a Killer e2200 Series Lan card.

It seems to me when the PC is power down, its disable everithing, (USB, Lan). But the ERP is disabled.

Hoping anyone have a solution for it.
Thx fowardly