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Bad WIFI with Brix devices.

Bad WIFI with Brix devices.
« on: January 14, 2016, 08:04:10 pm »
I experience very bad WIFI reception and speed with my Brix J1900/Realtek 8723bt.

Under Windows 8.1 everything seems to work fine, must say I have not tested the speed.
Under Windows 10 the reception is very low, sometimes disconnects, and the speed is really, really slow.
Less then half the speed then my other devices.

If you google realtek wifi cards, you'll find many more people having problems with them.

I now installed the Win8.1 drivers under Win10, and the reception is good, no more disconnects.
But still, I lag's speed....

I have notified Gigabyte about this, and they are working on it...

There are some more people on this forum experiencing the same.
Perhaps some other people too?

Guess it's not the idea to buy other (intel?) card or usb wifi should work, out of the box.

Could people experiencing the same, please reply here with the problems?

Thank you