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[GTX980TI Extreme] Monitor doesnt pickup signal on HDMI [WIN10 64bits]

Hello. I need your support. Yesterday I received my shiny new GTX980 TI Extreme gpu card. It replaced my old gtx690. I have a two monitor setup, and it used to be connected via two dvi ports on my gpu. The 980 only has 1 such port. I tried to connect my 2nd monitor via one of the hdmi ports. My win 10 does pickup the monitor, however the monitor does not pickup a signal from the gpu and never turns on.

I know win10 has several reported problem with multi monitor setups and in particular on hdmi ports, but that is mostly about win not reckonizing the 2nd monitor. Mine, however, does reckognize it and it treats it as if it is working and switched on. It is, sadly, not turned on and doesnt work.

I can place windows and application on my non-working screen, but it doesnt do any good.

Both monitors are confirmed working with the dvi port. Neither of them work with the hdmi port. I also tried a hdmi cable with a display port adapter, but that did not work either.

Help please!