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Gigabyte video card warranty


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Gigabyte video card warranty
« on: April 18, 2016, 10:57:05 am »
Long short story:

I have an Gigabyte 7970 Windforce 3x, GV-R797OC-3Gd rev 2.1. The card was bought in 2014 (I hope I'm not wrong) from Netherland by a friend that unfortunately passed away so is either undelicate/rude either impossible to ask his relatives for POP. Everything worked fine till then but since 25-30 days I'm experiencing randomly crash entire desktop (completely unresponsive, display artifacts, BSODs). either in "idle" (I mean just browsing Internet) either in games (not necessarly resources demanding games, Heroes II or Luxor, Zuma ect).

I've tried to reinstall the driver, even reinstalled whole OS (Win 7 64 bits) and also I've tried both last drivers (15.12 and 16.3.12) but same problems are persisting. I replaced the card with an old GTX 470 and im not having any issue, so seems the problems are not related to my other hardware (anyway the whole setup worked flawlessly 1 1/2 years).

I cantacted Gigabyte Netherland, they recommended me a company in Romania where im located now, but the company refuse the RMA without POP. I recontacted Gigabyte Taiwan, and theysaid that they DONT OFFER GLOBAL WARRANTY, but they will contact Gigabyte EU. I feel like im carried from one to other, despite the advertised "3 years warranty based on SN" (according with SN cards still in warranty, unfortunately not for long time more, till week 21.

So, pls any input/advice would be helpful, because otherwise I'm seriously thinking to address to ECC (European consumer centre) if they still refuse the RMA.

many thx in advance
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Re: Gigabyte video card warranty
« Reply #1 on: April 20, 2016, 09:43:06 pm »
Proof of Purchase is globally fairly common to claim a warranty repair - your deceased friend should have given you the payment receipt with the card.
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