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PCIe satellite card not recognised in Gigabyte GA-950A-UD3P mobo. Help please


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Hi everyone,

I am having issues with a Satellite TV tuner PCIe card that I have been using for a year or so and recently I am struggling in getting my device to show up under the Device manager. Yesterday i installed a new motherboard, a Gigabyte GA-950A-UD3P (Rev 2.0) replacing a Gigabyte 79LMT-USB3, one of the reasons being that the new Mobo supports Windows 10 and gives me more PCI slots to experiment with. I believed that by changing motherboards I will get teh Sat TV card to work but once again I am struggling to do so. With my previous motherboard it got to a point that only a few times it would work and depended on the IRQ number that was allocated to the TV card. Unfortunately i have no way to test my card in a different setup and I believe it's a problem with compatibility. I am not quite sure. What concerns me is that the Mobo PCI express slots are all 2.0x and the satellite card is 1.0/1.1x from what i read online. I have flashed my motherboard with the latest bios but am not sure if there is any setting in the bios that i could try to get this card to be seen under device manager. Any clues please as to what's going on? Many thanks