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BIOS/SIV control of sys_fans based on CPU temperature (similar to SpeedFan)

Hello. I've got GA-B85M-D3H (rev. 1.0), F15 version of BIOS. The board has IT8728F chip controlling the fans. As far as I understand the logic behing SIV/BIOS smart fan control, CPU_FAN PWM is controlled based on CPU temp sensor (TMPIN2), and SYS_FAN# are controlled based on motherboard temp sensor (TMPIN0). Since ambient case temperature is mostly stable (no higher than 35-40C in my case), it is of little use to control case fans based solely on MB temperature. This can be improved by using SpeedFan utility, which can control each fan based on multiple inputs.

The question is, is it possible to exhibit a similar multi-input control strategy using only BIOS/SIV fan control? Maybe use some alt software, besides SIV, to reprogram these BIOS settings?

And a minor question regarding temp sensors: HWMonitor utility reports some sensors called TZ00, TZ01 which are fixed at 27.8C and 29.8C, respectively. SpeedFan reports them as ACPI sensors. AIDA64 also reports something called PCH Diode, which mostly stays at 56-57C (invisible to SpeedFan and HWMonitor). What are they, actually? All other sensors (Core 1-2, CPU Package, MB) work fine and mostly stay below 40C.

Thank you.