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« on: September 23, 2016, 09:48:46 am »
I have this motherboard running bios F10b with minimal peripherals in decent case. temps seem fine. BIOS settings are pretty default

However I'm finding that the OS (currently windows 10) regularly "freezes". On some occasions instead I get a WHEA uncorrectable error. (I'm making use of virtualization with hyper-v too)

This has occurred through numerous OS update,s fixes, anniversary, reinstalls,  and appears to be a hardware issue.

I also changed memory enhancement to to enhanced stability - but this made no difference.

Are there any particular
 - recommendations on settings to change, or even try
 - other bios updates beyond F10b

Is anyone else getting challenges with the 4790K ?

Re: Z97X-SLI
« Reply #1 on: September 23, 2016, 10:47:11 am »

F10b is a beta BIOS so prior to this one was everything else ok? (why did you upgrade BIOS)
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Re: Z97X-SLI
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Greetings Gents,
Before we go down a rabbit hole.  Please provide your system specs.  And - Memory brand/model/speed. 

CPU voltage is only one cause of WHEA errors.  There could be something else going on.  Have you reviewed the System Event Log?  It may or may not show errors.  Often log info cannot be captured when a BSOD happens unexpectedly.     

If you have installed Easy Tune and made any OC attempts, we've seen problems with settings/profile sticking and causing instability.  The latest or a beta BIOS isn't always better.  Have you tried a BIOS reset, CLR_CMOS or Batt Pull and set up from scratch?   

That said.  Devil's Canyon here.  F8 BIOS pre-5th gen (for my board).  2 more newer BIOS available, but am staying where I'm at.  W10 upgrade from 8.1.  Rock solid.   
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Re: Z97X-SLI
« Reply #3 on: September 25, 2016, 11:06:16 am »
The system is a pre-assembled novatech barebones unit (a well known UK company). I have crucial PC3-12800I ram (as supplied) 2x8GB. Stock fans/cpu for that bundle

The event log doesn't appear to have anything particularly interesting otherwise. I'm familar with basic debugging of some kinds of BSODs with windbg, though the whea is a new one

I've tried a reset (not battery pull)... The hang/whea only occurs under high load (for example doing some heavy batch photo processing). Temps seemed ok so after rereading some of the threads here I upped the core voltage offset to +0.015V - I've since put it to +0.010V after an attempt to reproduce the load issue failed, but I'll leave it on this value for a long time.

No overclocking in place