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Unreleased bios?

Unreleased bios?
« on: September 27, 2016, 12:23:21 pm »
Firstly, hi, first time here, excuse me if Ive posted this in the wrong place..

I have owned the ga-z68-ud5 b3 for a good few years, i ran it with a 2500k @4.5 for context.
I checked my cpu support page when programs i began using needed more than the 4 cores and decided to purchase a 3770k for my board instead, for a while this was fine until I began noticing 100% cpu usage while playing with certain programs or streaming certain games and decided to OC, here lies the problem. The F10 bios appears to be the most recent and there is no graphical bios for my board beta or otherwise, my multiplier is stuck @39 with no options above that and worse still is the fact that no changes i make in my bios relating to the multiplier seem to even work, ive used cpuz and speccy to confirm this and used cinibench to look for any changes, turning off turbo makes some difference but even with turbo turned off the clockspeeds jump around all over the place as apposed to staying at a set value.

Does anyone have any suggestions for anything I can do to fix this issue, Ive made a support request with gigabyte, having bought the 3770k based on gigabyte claiming support rather than buying a more modern cpu for the money im feeling fairly unhappy, ive tried tracking down other z77 motherboards but in the uk there really arnt any available and those that are would be a step down in all ways compared to my current board bar the ability to oc.

I am at a loss.

I accept this might not be the best written post. Im reeling from disappointment, I just received a call from the only store id found a z77 motherboard worth having from telling me they dont have any boards aside from a super stripped down budget board available with a psychotic implementation of ssd caching that requires a fresh install of windows to setup each time, as a person who uses the ssd caching I cant justify that step back and cant even conceive of a logical next step from my position.
Im scared of second hand and would ideally just get the same bios that the rest of the z68 boards seem to have received and continue using my motherboard but I doubt they will throw together a bios just for me even if it should have been made available while my board was still supported. Atm in an effort to save money and keep using my comp for as long as possible i have blown the money on a 3770k that should have worked on my mobo, where do i go from here?

Thank you in advance for any help or assistance and sorry for my incoherence, im feeling frustrated and concerned about having wasted money and about needing to potentially waste more to fix an issue I shouldnt be having. 
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Re: Unreleased bios?
« Reply #1 on: September 27, 2016, 12:50:34 pm »
For context, I requested support from gigabyte on the 24th and have heard nothing from them.