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Gigabyte GA X99 - Ultra Gaming new install and USB freezing in WIN 10 Pro HELP!!


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Going crazy here. Any help would be appreciated.
Brand new build.

Gigabyte GA X99 - Ultra Gaming mobo
Intel 6850
MSI 1070
16GB G Skill RAM
Samsung 950 Pro NVMe boot drive in the M2 slot on mobo

Everything seemed good upon WIN 10 Pro install
I did clean install of WIN10 via DVD drive. Seemed fine.


Whenever I use any USB port with a USB flash drive ( have tried several different known working ones) to copy files to the Samsung 950 drive or a secondary drive - the whole computer either locks up right away or the file transfer stops after a few seconds and the whole system locks up.
I have to reboot via via system restart button.

None of the USB ports work with a simple USB 3.0 or 2.0 flash drive.(The Mouse and keyboard USB dongle from MS wireless keyboard/mouse does work fine)

The Device Manager says all USB controllers and ports are good.

The BIOS F3 is all default settings for USB Configuration settings.

I am using the drivers that installed with WIN 10 Pro most recent build.
I did update the USB device drivers via Device Manager.
I disabled the power management suspend in all the USB ports.
I installed the most recent Intel Turbo Boost Max 3.0 drivers.

Any help appreciated!!

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Making some progress. Did full reinstall of WIN 10 Pro.
Did full install of all drivers and utilities from Gigabyte mobo disk even thought some of them were likely older.
Shut off all power suspend for USB devices in Device Manager and Advanced Power options.

Now the system does not freeze or lock up when a USB port is used for data copy, but the USB 3.0 ports do not recognize a 3.0 flash drive. Nothing.
The USB 3.0 port will read a 2.0 USB flash drive and data can be copied from that USB 2.0 drive.

A USB 3.0 flash drive can also be read on a USB 2.0 port. ( have 2 USB 2.0 ports).

Finally the USB 3.1 port seems to be working. Will read the USB 3.0 flash drive and copy data without crashing.

Will try a BIOS update next I guess.


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Did BIOS update. More troubleshooting with Gigabyte drivers on website. No luck.

Going to probably RMA this.
Gigabyte has put out a product that is not functional with simple USB operation and requires hours of troubelshooting.

And GIGABYTE Support NEVER replied to my support ticket I started.

And by the way- having to do verification everytime I post here is bullsht.
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