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GA-Z170X-Gaming 7 - DRIVES Issue.

GA-Z170X-Gaming 7 - DRIVES Issue.
« on: January 03, 2017, 09:08:11 pm »
Hey People

OK, So,... I have the above motherboard and attached at the moment are, 2 X Samsung 960 M.2 (NOT RAIDED)

Now my issue, I can't seem to locate which SATA Ports are left for me to use, How many SATA ports should actually be available to me after attaching the 2 X M.2. ?

Does RAIDING the 2 X M.2 give any extra SATA Ports ?

Would It be a better option for me to RAID the 2 X Samsung 960 M.2, and does that give any extra ports. ?

Any extra help would be appreciated
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