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Designare board - nothing but issues

Designare board - nothing but issues
« on: January 11, 2017, 03:44:47 am »
system specs:
designare board
32gb CMD32GX4M4A2400C12
i7 6900k
samsung 960 pro as main boot drive
1000w evga psu (brand new)
gtx 690 (old but still works plenty well for me)

Brand new windows 10 x64 pro image fully updated as of this past weekend.

I was\am having the same problems as the person in this thread was having with this board.

Yesterday i was using a Razer Tapian mouse. Randomly I noticed the mouse would begin to lag and shortly afterwards the XHCI driver would crash and I would receive a bsod. attached is a copy of the minidump for proof.

I went into bios and toggled XHCI to disabled. The machine stopped blue screening, but instead it randomly started to hang. No event log, no mini dump or bsod, it would just start skipping the sound and have total system failure forcing me to manually reboot.

In any event, I decided since this was obviously USB related, I would simply try purchasing a new mouse. I went with a logi g502 because they specifically have windows 10 firmware.

New mouse seemed to solve the above, but then I uncovered yet another issue.

see attached image.

nvlddmkm ( which is the nividia kernel driver throws this error ). When this happens. The mouse stops working all together, which is strange, because my usb keyboard (a corsair k70) continues to work, but my mouse simply stops. This error continues to happen over and over once ever few seconds, presumably because the driver crashes on repeat and attempts to restart itself.

It immediately stops... The second i unplug and replug the mouse.

So while I am no longer getting BSODS, I am clearly still having some type of weird USB issue, that is also somehow causing my nvidia video kernel drive to crash, which really doesnt make much sense.

As part of the above issue, and this doesnt happen each time, but has also been happening since the weekend. When the display drivers ultimately crash with this board, sometimes the mouse will stop working as mentioned above ( which solves itself after a unplug\replug). But a secondary issue occurs, the monitors go dead, and all monitors go into sleep mode (amber light on monitor). Keyboard nor mouse will wake them, and the only way for me to recover from this state, is again to reboot.

I tried all bios variants that exist for this board. I tried using DDU to complete strip the nvidia drivers, I tried latest drivers, earlier drivers. Different pcie slots. Toggling pcie slot gens in the bios.

not sure what to do next, tried talking to Gigabyte tech support today.. They were blaming my 960 pro m.2 drive, which makes absolutely no sense this is clearly some type of board\bios\driver issue has nothing to do with my drive.

I wanted to return the board, but this was apparently not an option, so now I am stuck with this board.

totally dissatisfied and disgusted and its bordering on unusable due to these stability issues, so not sure what to try next.

Open to ideas...


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Re: Designare board - nothing but issues
« Reply #1 on: January 17, 2017, 01:37:22 pm »
Did you always have windows 10 on the computer? If you had another OS on it did you have the problems? As far as I know windows 10 is having problems with some of the video drivers. Plus you are using the windows 10 AU? It was made to fix a lot of the problems. Windows 10 AU has cause some problems.

I had a computer that ran windows 10 on it for like 8 months with no problems. As soon as the AU was installed it kept crashing Quick-books pro software. Plus do you have another video card you can try just to rule that out. Do you have a wire mouse & keyboard to try to see if that helps.

Newegg nor Gigabyte will allow me to return the board since its past 30 days.. I wasnt able to build it within 30 days because I was waiting for the samsung 960 pro to come back into stock.

You are saying Gigabyte will not let you return the board? I think through Gigabyte it has a 3 to 5 yr warranty. If you still have problems with the changes. I would start a RMA with Gigabyte. You don't have to talk to Gigabyte support to start one.
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Re: Designare board - nothing but issues
« Reply #2 on: February 22, 2017, 09:35:01 pm »
Am not an expert, just using my head here :)

- Are you on a secure boot or on a CSM-enabled one? First thing you should have specified/looked for.

- XHCI can be auto, enabled, or disabled in the Gigabyte UEFI options. You never specified if the trouble occured with XHCI in 'auto', 'enabled', or regardless of setting. Yes, this is important.

- You mention issues with a specific mouse under a specific OS, yet somehow your first instinct is that (because it's a Razer? Are they beyond fault?) it's the motherboard's fault. Not saying it couldn't be, of course it could, but read how general your troubleshooting has been thus far and come back and tell me if your certainty as to the root of the cause makes sense.

- Being convinced that it's your motherboard, what have you done? Did you leave your settings as were, unplug the mouse and check status from device manager? Were things seemingly fine? Any conflicts or errors? Does human interface devices run on startup..? If the mouse needs run at startup, have you checked if its software successfully does so?

- You mentioned another thread that apparently desrcibes the same issue, but on a closer look, one notices the first hint: Wake timers. Did/do you have wake timers enabled? You didn't specify. If enabled, are they on both in your BIOS -and- Windows, or if in just one of the two, which? Since you decided to ignore this, under what kind of thinking did you? Maybe you know something, but have neglected to mention it.

- I never had a Razer, but i do have a Corsair M+K 95 (mouse and keyboard). There is an option for both to leave them on hardware (specifically stating this will -ensure- they'll work everywhere but without the extended software macro support [read: so that games can't ban you]) and one to have them on software. Under what setting was your mouse during all this? Did you try switching it to the opposite one before concluding it's your motherboard's fault?

- May sound dumb (probably is) but you mention an Nvidia driver? What does your GPU's driver have to do with mouses? If this isn't the actual driver, but one of those "extras" everyone installs for no reason whatsoever, which one was it?

- Equally dumb, but again, you failed to mention. What USB type is the mouse, where was it plugged in and did you plug it somewhere else just to be sure?

edit: Have seen all the posts you have seen about USB issues and X99 platforms. Am not discounting your story, am on the contrary curious. Bit late for you to reply in this, but one never knows :)

(if personal experiences are anything? Have had a much cheaper Giga x99 mobo, exact same CPU and all my USB drivers and devices functioned perfectly. Hence my curiosity)
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