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Problem with Graphics card & poor customer service


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Problem with Graphics card & poor customer service
« on: January 24, 2017, 05:42:48 pm »
I have contacted Gigabyte customer service through the official website and they are refusing to honor the 3 year warranty on my broken card.  Here is a complete copy of the conversation;

Question:   Here is the reply from Thomas Skyum at Invade IT;


Hi Richard

Oh I see.
I'm sorry but we only ship inside Thailand, so we cannot send it to you in Spain.
All warranties are manufacturers' warranties, but we are always happy to assist with the shipping logistics, this offer is only valid inside Thailand though, we do not ship anything internationally ever.

Best Regards
Thomas Skyum.


I agree to postage costs but repair costs? No. The card is under guarantee.

Are we then back to square one? You do not intend to honor your guarantee? You made the card, you sold it to someone who then sold it to me. If there is a grey market it is only your fault.   1/24/2017 6:26 PM
Answer:   The ticket is being processed.
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Question:   I bought the card from Thomas Skyum, the owner of 'Invade I.T.' in Hua Hin in Thailand, their full address is on the invoice which I have attached. I have contacted Thomas via both Email and Whats App but have not yet had a response. The date of purchase is also on the invoice attached. The original invoice can be downloaded from the Invade IT website using the following link;

As I have had no response yet I cannot provide a reason that they will not provide service. They may still reply to my messages over the coming week.

1/19/2017 3:39 PM
Attachments:   invadeitinvoice.jpg 
Dear Richard Poulton,

Please note that our after sale service is provided by the original supplier and we do not have global warranty for graphics card products. If the supplier cannot help, you are responsible for to-and-from freight charge and repair fees.

If you agree to the fees, kindly inform us again.


1/23/2017 2:42 PM
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Question:   I see, well if you don't honor warranty on your products I certainly won't be buying any more Gigabyte products.   1/17/2017 2:25 PM
Dear Richard Poulton,

Please understand that we do not have global warranty for our graphics card products. Since our warranty service is provided by the original supplier (where you purchased the product), if you need to RMA / repair the graphics card, you have right to force your supplier to proceed the warranty service for you. However, if they still refuse, please provide us the information as below:

1. The name of shop
2. who / when you dealt with them
3. The reason they reject to provide service for you
4. Image of receipt (proof of purchase)


1/19/2017 7:25 AM
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Question:   Hi,

It is not possible for me to return the item to the supplier because I bought it in Thailand & I now live in Spain. Do you have a service agent in Spain for your graphics cards?


Richard Poulton.   1/9/2017 11:07 AM
Dear Richard Poulton,

With your information and serial number, your product was NOT sold / distributed by our local distributors. Please understand that we do NOT have global warranty and warranty terms depend on your sale of contract and are what ever your original purchase retailer (supplier) sold you.

For example, if you bought the product from A store (supplier), then you have to contact A for further support. If you bought the product from overseas or have moved to B country, then you may try to contact local computer shop in B country or our local distributor  to see if they can arrange further service for you with service charge.

However, we still have to inform you in advance that if the product was not distributed from our local distributor, they have right to refuse to provide service since the product are concerned from gray market. In that case, please contact your A supplier for assistance and A should help you to proceed the case.



1/12/2017 10:17 AM
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Question:   The card has stopped working correctly, lots of ghosting, flashing green lines covering the screen & then the card crashes. Ghosting/green lines also visible on BIOS screen. Card tested on 2 separate machines with same results. Please contact me to arrange service. Purchased 4/8/14 with 3 year guarantee.   12/27/2016 5:14 PM
Dear Richard Poulton,

Thank you for supporting GIGABYTE products. We are sorry to hear that the problem remains after testing, then it is possible something wrong with your hardware. The motherboard needs further examination to determine the problem. Meanwhile, because we can hardly define the root cause without looking at the card, we suggest you to contact your supplier (where you bought the product) and see if they could help you do the further examination.


12/28/2016 11:54 AM
Product Info   
Product Name:   GV-R928XOC-3GD (2.0)
BIOS Ver:   1.13;
Serial No:   SN140801078772-066;
Purchase Dealer:   Invade IT Co. LTD, Hua Hin, 77110, Thailand.;
Operating System:   Win 8.1 64-bit;
SP:   1;
Driver Ver:   Card now uninstalled. Driver previously up to date.;
Brand:   MSI;
Model:   Z97-GAMING 9ac;

Here is what Wikipedia has to say about Gigabyte;

Upgrade Your Life
Traded as   TWSE: 2376
Industry   Computer hardware
Founded   1986
Founder   Pei-Chen Yeh
Headquarters   Xindian District, New Taipei City, Taiwan
Area served
Key people
Pei-Chen Yeh (Chairman)
Ming-Hsiung Liu (CEO)
Products   Air Cooling
Computer Cases
Computer Peripherals
Graphics Cards
Power Supplies
Server Hardware
Revenue   Increase US$ 1.7 Billion (2013)[1]
Operating income
Increase US$ 60.4 Million (2013)[1]
Profit   Increase US$ 78.9 Million (2013)[1]
Number of employees
7,100 (2012)[2]


A company making nearly 80 million USD & they refuse to honor warranties or offer seemingly simple solutions.

I will NEVER buy Gigabyte again.