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Forum Questions & Suggestions
« on: February 22, 2017, 04:21:36 pm »
Hello. This topic is for the Gigabyte team responsible of this forum.

I have the following three questions / suggestions:

1. Why is the ‘search’ function of this forum not available for anyone visiting it? In many cases there might be people who can search their question and find the associated answer very easy and quick, without the need of a painful registration process.

2. Why is the need of a captcha code when you create a topic and for every single reply? At least if it would have been more accessible - bigger and clearer. I do not find it ‘normal’ to spend 1-2 minutes getting the right code for a simple topic reply because the letters are too small, covered by random lines and hard to read on a 1080p monitor.

3. Automatic logout - is it set to 15-30 minutes?! Why? I tend to leave my tabs open all day long and I am expecting to stay logged-in all day long, not signing-in every 30 minutes or so, when I refresh or change the page.

I would appreciate an answer and/or a logical explanation.

Thank you for your time.