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Gigabyte X99 Ultra Gaming issues

Gigabyte X99 Ultra Gaming issues
« on: March 23, 2017, 08:49:53 am »
Hi all,

Last weekend bought a X99 Ultra Gaming, a 6800K and installed my 8 months old F4-3600C16GVK which is supported according to the B-E RAM documentation.

Initially installed the RAM as per manual suggestion on modules DDR4_3_1B & DDR4_7_1D. However seeing all the 16GB of ram was hit and miss, even after upgrading to BIOS F6a.
I read closely the gigabyte Broadwel-E memory PDF and states

2 DIMM: Supports one pair of modules inserted into the same color slots as one pair of Dual-channel memory configuration. Install the modules into DDR4_5_1C, DDR4_7_1D for better compatibility.

Which i did and since then I had no issues with the system not seeing all the RAM.

However I have issues either with the XMP profile or the manual setting on the OPT CPU fan slot.

When I set it to XMP Profile 1 and a more aggressive curve to the OPT CPU Fan*, after a cold boot and 5-10 minutes in windows, the system reboots asking me to load optimised defaults.
Then I log into BIOS leaving everything intact and coming out with save and reboot, the system doesn't crash again until the next day after the cold reboot.

There are no indications of any system instability having run stress and stability software like realbench for hours. Nor when gaming for hours experiencing issues.

I even overclocked the CPU sometimes  (I have the reboot issue at stock core speeds) to 4Ghz @ 1.252v and had no stability issues according to the software, while it runs around 35C at full load.

Also have tried the Memory fastboot to be disabled, so it will always train the RAM on boot, set the advance setting for stability also.
And also the main system has fast boot set to disable.

However after cold reboot, and 5-10 minutes using the system always getting a reboot asking me to load defaults.

I have't installed the Easy tune.

Could anyone give me an assistance what and where to look at to resolving the issue? Should I roll back to F5 bios from F6a beta?

This is the first Gigabyte board I had issues with. And many of their products have proven absolutely beasts like the 990FXA UD3 which running an overclocked 1090T and an FX8350 for 7 years almost now.


*Using Predator 360 with 50% fan curve at 25C and next point 100% @ 60C set in BIOS with PWM control.

Re: Gigabyte X99 Ultra Gaming issues
« Reply #1 on: March 23, 2017, 06:58:00 pm »
Quick update.
This morning I hadn't set the FAN OPT slot profile, and had only switched the RAM to XMP Profile 1 after the crash.
Tonight coming home and booting the system, it hasn't crashed after an hour and half.

Could it be that there might be an issue setting manualy the FAN OPT slot profile, and when the motheboard kicks in to raise the fan speed it was crashing?