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X99 Desginare EX - M.2 temperature

X99 Desginare EX - M.2 temperature
« on: March 29, 2017, 03:49:18 am »

After my asus x99 explode i go to gigabyte, now the system is set and running, but i notice something very strange, i have a samsung 960evo 1tb in the M.2 slot, they are in 60 degrees in almost idle, i still don't push it too much, i am still setting the system.

This board have a cover on the M.2 slot, and they are very close to the GPU, in the old exploded board the M.2 was in 40 degrees, this is a huge difference.

What can i do about that? Remove the cover is a good option? Change GPU slot is possible?

I have a 1080 gigabyte and my case is a H440.

Thanks for any help.