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[Help] Overclocking i7 4790k

[Help] Overclocking i7 4790k
« on: March 31, 2017, 08:38:12 pm »
Hi, I am currently trying to find a steady overclock at 4.7 or 4.8 for the intel i7 4790k. I have photos to what settings I currently have in my bios, they don't work well with games such as Overwatch and Battlefield 1 since I crash after a bit. So, I was hoping you guys can give me more info on a steady overclock.

i7 4790k
Asus 1070 8gb
DDR3 32gb standard ram
z97mx Gaming-5
Corsair H100i and standard 2 fans

Here are the tunings I am using:

If you need any extra info I'll be on here all day checking, have a nice day. :)

Re: [Help] Overclocking i7 4790k
« Reply #1 on: June 07, 2017, 03:05:36 am »
hello i can help a bit i have a gigabyte z270 x gaming k5 with a 7700k @ 5.2 ghz  ht off , 3000 mhz rgb ram xmp on .
i was having issue with blue screens once and while ect  over clocking  with adaptive voltege in the - sign  to -.050  wich  is adaptive voltege  wich is harder to get stable on high over clocks  cause when in idol if u have your c3 c6  power states on idol will drop your  cpu to 1.6 ghz or 800mhz and drops the voltege way low to , thing is some times when u open a app or somthing when from being idol at low volts low mhz  it cant some times adjust voletge fast enough ( some times )  i had the same prob when over clocked past 5 ghz  .
fix is you might not like it but  trying shutting off the adaptive voltage  and type in a specific  volts like 1.41  and turn on load line calibration on  high so when on 100% load your not dropping down to say 1.38  and getting a bsod   the kick off is your sending  that voltage to the cpu 24/7  and u can still have windows  turn down your cpu to 1.6ghz  in idol it just wont turn down your voltage  thats hwat im doing  5.2 ghz hyper threading off , 1.41 vcore  load line cali to high xmp on  it still down clocks on idol just volts dont ( not a big deal ) 

other option is what i saw with adaptive voltege is  the lower the load line setting is the higher idol volts  is and load volts drops way down  higher llc  lower idol volts and way higher volts on full load and adaptive voltage totaly changes the idol and full load llc  voltege compared to  typing in a specific setting . 
rule of thumb is  before even thinking about  adaptive voltage ( power saving )  is  run fixed voltage first find the maximum  multiplayer you can go safely with watching your temps with core temp hw mon ect.

for all we know 4.8 your cpu could want 1.46 vcore before its stable ( just example ) 

start out small  like 4.4 ghz  fixed @ 1.28 ( example i dont know the 4000 series to well )  run and bench  find your stable volts  run prime 95 or  what ever u got to test  find out ok im stable for  x amount of time .
move on a little higher to 4.6 run @ 1.3 vcore  if instant bsod  try  1.31 vcore  repeat with tiny increments until its stable  watching temps  what i do is i get core temp for windows and set the over heat protection on to 8 degrees c lower the nthe  tj max of 90c  so if your out and about  runing a stress test core temp can shut off your pc if your temp goes to the setting you type in ( for secruity if u dont want to sit there all day )

my old 2700k  needed 1.48 vcore  for 4.9 ghz wich got very hot with out high end water it was a  crap chip for oc .  and 4.8ghz  with ht on 1.48 vcore was the max max .