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RAM OC'ing?


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RAM OC'ing?
« on: April 06, 2017, 06:36:26 pm »
Hey all

My 1st post, have mercy. :-)

I am just getting back into system builds for gaming pc's after a 12+ year hiatus on consoles, so I'm riding the learning curve hard!

My question is focused on the RAM and motherboard.

My system is
Ryzen 7-1700
Gigabyte AB-350-gaming 3, bios ver:F4
Ram:G.SKILL, Ripjaws V DDR4-3000 PC4-24000 4x8GB=32GB

the mobo specs list the highest supported RAM as DDR4-2667, but the RAM is obviously rated higher.

At default, the RAM runs @2119.56MHZ (shown below), far lower than its rated 3000.

The mobo will however O/C the RAM up to just over 3000.

I wish to know,
can the mobo handle running the overclocked RAM long term/stable?

By OC'ing thru the mobo to raise ram speed, am I STILL overclocking the RAM? Or just bringing it up to its defaults?

I do not intend to OC the CPU at all, so this would be the only overclocked item in my system, are there any long term repricussions running only OC'd RAM in a long term, every day use environment?

Thank you for your time, and feedback. :-)