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G1 GTX 1070 not in line with Gigabyte Gaming Engine settings

Hi everyone,

For quite a while now I've been fighting with odd discrepancies between my G1 1070 and the XTREME GAMING ENGINE that I have installed to controll it. First of, I have not manually OC'd the card, so I'm running stock clocks here.

The most annoying thing I've noticed is that 2 (of the 3) fans are always on. Even if I specify a flat line in manunal mode at 0%. The fan farthest away from the ports usually listens to me, but the other 2 are always somewhere between 40-60% (judging by their sound). All this depsite the FAN STOP LED flashing in the way I've set it up. This is all at idle, mind you.

Moving on, once I go into any game and the card heats up in the slightest, all fans move to 100% and will not go down again. Even when closing down the game altogether. Usually only a restart helps but then we're back to the previous scenario. Usually I run the following configuration:

OC: None (Default settings)
Advanced OC: Gaming Mode
Fan: Silent + 3D Active Fan

To my understanding, my fans (any of them) should spin up until the card reaches 50°C. Is this an issue with my drivers or the card itself?

Much appreciated,

I've attached a screen shot of the graphing feature that shows FAN SPEED at 0 RPM. Unfortuately I can't show my fans, but rest assured that they are indeed active.