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P35C DS3R Rev 2.0 + Q8200 + 4 gig of DDR3 corsair XM3 1333mhz ram 10666


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does anyone know the max oveerclock that this setup will give out and if you do, whats all the settings i should use in the bios?

i have bioe F12e beta.

many thanks.


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No setups are the same, even with the same components the overclock varies chip by chip. The best thing to do is read some threads, and for overclocking I recommend these forums : they have people that will help you better than I can.
But the basics, the core, FSB and NB are the main voltages you need to focus on. What cooler are you using? I would not use stock for overclocking.

Keep the multiplier where it is, and slowly increase the FSB by 10-25Mhz until it becomes off stable. Start off with Vcore at 1.3V, FSB at 1.3V, NB at 1.3V
Then, as it becomes unstable bump one of these up (try CPU first) until you find it stable, it is mostly trial and error. You may get FSB walls at certain places that you need to jump. Have the ram at rated speeds and timings or slower until you get your CPU to the max you want. I would think 400Mhz+FSB should be easily achieved, and Turn off EIST, Speedstep so that they don't affect the overclock until you have it stable. If the overclock works, do a quick stability using prime95 on 4 threads, if it crashes or BSoD it means your pc is unstable. Try the forums I recommended as you overclock, they can guide you whilst you do it.
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