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G1 gaming 970 exploded and caught fire

G1 gaming 970 exploded and caught fire
« on: June 15, 2017, 06:08:06 pm »
Monday night (12/6/2017) i was using the PC when it suddenly turned off and apon rebooting automatically there was a loud pop (that'll be the caps), followed by flames out of my PC case, luckily i was at the PC when this occurred and could quickly reach for the main power cord and yanked it out of the psu.

One curtain sustained some burn damage in just the few seconds it took me to realise wtf was going on then reacting, just glad to be honest i was right here or go knows what might of happened.

After that i couldnt even touch the graphics card due to the heatsink on the back end being so hot, for about 5-10 mins.

later on I fitted an old 3870 X2 ati card i have as a backup in the same slot thinking the gfx card was just the only damaged hardware i had, but i couldnt get the PC to post. Inserted the card into the other PCI-e slot and after a few tries the PC booted.

Problem 1.

Cannot get drivers for the 3870 card for windows 10

Problem 2.

First ticket submitted to gigabyte support deleted (Tuesday night, yeah i work).

Problem 3.

Second ticket submitted Wednesday night not answered (now thursday).

Sooooo, i'm left without a fully working graphics card, and a damaged motherboard, support is non existent.

My 970 is 6 months out of warranty, my 3870 is TEN YEARS OLD but working! wont replace the MSI X99 sli plus motherboard due to the fact it was damaged by the card, support seems to be ignoring me.

Where do i go from here ?


Re: G1 gaming 970 exploded and caught fire
« Reply #1 on: June 16, 2017, 05:29:55 pm »
Received an email today that apparently my ticket from Tuesday night has had a reply ID401445. Weird right as i thought that it got flat out deleted.

When click on the email link i go to eSupport i get, The connection to the server is not available, please try again later!

If i input the whole ticket No. IE : ID401445 i get please enter the number.

If i put in 401445 i get, No Records Found.

Oh well the grass needs cutting, LeMans is on this weekend, push bike could do with a wash, need to shop for new curtains :/