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my x399 Horror experience,fair warning for w7 users


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my x399 Horror experience,fair warning for w7 users
« on: September 20, 2017, 07:36:40 am »
upfront,english isnt my mainlanguage,i try my best

iam used to gigabyte boards since atleast 7 year,3 generations of my pcs run them,even more i think,but the most early still running is a 1.gen i7 4core

my latest used model was a x99 d4,with a 4930k 6core,based on win7 pro,thats where the story starts

i tended to get a new pc,after couple years i cycle systems,and my wife gets my old(its still good with a 980ti,32gb)

so i got the x399,1200w be quite,a 1080ti wc,the tr1950,64gb ram,and a .2 disk (i cannot install,but boot later on,i know that,i still have 7 ssd's)
i install everything,and the board sparks,no joke,it did spark... so,back to the seller with it
confirmed broken,from the start
new board,i install it,and only core/power/ram/gfx, works well,patched bios to the f3
then old bootssd,boot in safemode,quite a few pci.sys BSOD, but np,i get thru,and place the cd in,and hit setup.. "this setup isnt for you", ok... running thru the stuff ,and found the chipsetstuff,install,and try others,most are simply not for safemode..
so back to normal load,it loads.. for a minute,then not even until login,then i could even install all i found,means it did run a hour.. then..more bluescreens,differend kind Gdrv.sys, yes most of you know that one,and i turned stuff down,but still lots of pci.sys bs
enough for the day
lets make another approach, sysprep (for those of you,who dont know,that command sets windows in a seller state,means you can take your bootdrive to any other pc-setup,it keeps your data,files,registrations,only deletes every single driver,and adminaccount)
lets keep it short,about 12 hours of BSOD's and other nonsense later,done for the day
lets take a fresh ssd,install win7pro fresh,and move on from there
done many things,with many bsod,always in mind,if i get all driver right,it has to function,i even used driverbuster to assist,nah.. end of the day.. nothing worked
my most hated tool in hand,and just to prove that it will crash aswell, i take the w10pro stick,hit it,right on that m.2drive (you cant install win7 on it,unless you have a changed w7 iso,or you patch it with 2 hotfixes)
that thing did install,it worked,that system works now thru 2 days of all kinds of stuff

whats wrong with all this
1.its labeld as win7, even if it clearly is not
examples,most stuff on the driverDVD doesnt work under win7,and the half of what does,is bugged,especially the app,and its Gdrv.sys

2.why is the driver setup not for all types,and why are there wrong usbdriver even on the homepage,half of the stuff for win7 64,is simply wrong runs under w10pro well,not one flaw,right out of the box,with no web needed to update,not even drivercd needed..

4. half of the stuff from the driver,wants into the web,and i mean forced,my firewall is set to "ask me,until i perm trust"(kaspersky kis) and i dont mean driver wants to check on new update, i mean, 5 of 9 maintools demand webacces on a half-hour basis,especially appcenter and the tuning prog

if you have win7 and wanne stay there,dont touch the fastest/latest on the market,i dont call my self pro,but i know my way around win7 administration,and how to make pcs usable
the methods i used,are from leastharmful for me .to.heck what am i doing (w10pro)
i did spend about 10-12 hours daily on that pc,with constantly reboot,duo bsod,i had all drivers at hand (that gb offers),the hardware is flawless(if you ignore the first board,what clearly had a problem,happend before over the years,so nothing special)

if you are a win 10 user,its a wellmade board,it does its job,if you wanne configure the stuff like powersettings/cooling/even lights(bios works), or wanne control your cpu state...take another kind of x399,this drivers are borked as hell,with no change since atleast 2 years(from what the web complains about gdrv.sys)

after many years,of GB and hell of a user,i broke atleast 3-4 over that time,only duo 24/7 usage, and i take only the best,UD4,was the best for the early i7gens

i dont count a sparking/short board,those happen duo hairfracture if the maildude is making crap

but now its time to say..look elsewhere,that was a horrible thing ,last thing Gb can do is fixing the drivers and the Gdrv error,or they lose customers on every corner.