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An odd request involving the Gigabyte GA-Z270X Gaming 5 mobo and NZXT Kraken X62

So, this is my situation;

I currently have the MSI Z270 Krait Gaming motherboard, the Kraken X62 cooler, and 4 sticks of Corsair LED ram. It's all really nice, but here's the thing: the distance from the CPU socket to the DIMM slots is too small for the tubes from the Kraken to fit, so it has to face 90 degrees to the left, which looks and feels retarded.

The reason im asking regarding the Aorus Z270X Gaming 5 is because that's the one I'm planning to get next, but I want to make sure the Kraken will fit.

So, does anyone have the Aorus motherboard, paired with the Kraken X62 cooler, and can tell me whether or not it allows for 4 ram sticks with the tubes from the Kraken on the right (as it should be)?

Very odd request - I know, but I appreciate any help.

Thank you :)


Not quite, got the X62 in another PC with a 4790K.
Looking at the pictures of the board, it looks very close but will give you a few mm more than the MSI board.

What about changing the cooler?
The Kraken is OK but relies on software for the pump control / profiles so if you ever move out of Windows, get into Linux there is no control.

Also for a better design the BeQuiet silient loop AIO cooler is much better, no RGB or software.
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