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5 short beep on X99 Gaming5P

5 short beep on X99 Gaming5P
« on: August 13, 2017, 04:15:58 am »
So i wake up in the morning hit the power button and my pc turn on and give me 5 short beep. i look in to the manual it mean bad cpu. so i borrow cpu from my friend and it not working it is still beep 5 time. also my bios is lastet version.
Thing that i do.
1.reseating cpu,vga,ram
2.get another cpu ram stick boot
4.look for any bent pin in socket with magnifying glass it was looking great

my pc spec
CPU : i7 6800K
VGA : Galax gtx 980Ti
RAM : G-skill ripjaw 4
MB : GA X99 Gaming 5P
SSD : Samsung 950 pro , 850 pro
HDD : WD black 1 tb
PSU : Super flower leadex 1300W
Sorry for bad english it not my main language.