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Heat Sink Fan just better in long run them a water pump

Heat Sink Fan just better in long run them a water pump
« on: August 23, 2017, 11:34:46 am »
I had a Corsair H-100 for about four years ,then all the sudden I was getting blue screens then I checked my temperature on my CPU and it was running 85c to 90c.It turned out that my pump went out. Then I went back to a good old Heat sink Fan a  Thermalright True Spirit 90M for $30 on amazon open box ,but it looked brand new and works great. This thing is silent ,a lot more quieter then the two fans cooling my 240mm radiator .plus there was only 1c to 2c cooler when H-100 was new.  This way even if fan went out you have enough heat sink that you don't have to worry about frying your CPU.  IMO


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Re: Heat Sink Fan just better in long run them a water pump
« Reply #1 on: August 23, 2017, 04:43:57 pm »
In most cases I would agree with you. It is much easier to see and hear, if something goes wrong with an air cooled system over a water cooled one. And usually, with the size of modern coolers, they can dissipate heat, quite effectively, even without a fan attached. Air passing through the PC case from case fans is often enough to keep CPU temperatures within safe working limits, if you are not over-clocking.

However, having said that, I watercool my own PC. I did a lot of research before going down this route and I have not had any major headaches. I built my own loop, rather than using an all-in-one solution and that is probably why I haven't had any real problems.

The one time my pump failed, my CPU temperatures didn't climb to high, because I over spec'd my loop to allow for this eventuality.

Each method of cooling has its advantages and disadvantages. As they say: "You pays your money, you takes your choice."
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