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i7700K overclock to 4.8Ghz in BIOS but Windows 10 CPU-Z says 4.5Ghz (MAX)


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I'm trying to overclock my i7 7700K up to 4.8Ghz at least, trying to start with 1.280V... but for some reason, even though in BIOS says it's running at 4.8Ghz but when i check in Windows 10 using CPU-Z, HWInfo, etc it says it's running at 4.5Ghz max but oscillating, is not stuck there as you would normally see... even though i do some stress tests with Prime95, the max it goes is 4.5.

My motherboard is the GIGABYTE Z270XP-SLI updated to the latest version (F7) via App Center.

I also have a Corsair H105 AIO for my i7. I just saw that my temps were quite good for this 7700K when in idle in BIOS at 4.8Ghz (1300V) it goes from 38-42 C.

Here are some screenshots of my BIOS configuration:

What am I missing? what am I doing wrong???

Thanks in advance.
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