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GA-X99-SLI (rev. 1.0) - F23 bios - Boot behaviour

GA-X99-SLI (rev. 1.0) - F23 bios - Boot behaviour
« on: September 26, 2017, 12:48:45 pm »
Hello All,

I'm new and, of course, I have an issue with this motherboard.  Owned this machine for over a year!
Hyper-x 2666Mhz ram (8Gb x4)
nVidia 980
Raid card
SATA m.2

Previous history:
-Upon putting the rig together it failed to display.
-Added 4Gb 2400Mhz DDR4 ram. Booted.
-Consulted the manual and added 2x 4Gb ram and 4x Hyper-X ram
-All worked fine.
-Replaced the RAID card with a PCIe Samsung M.2.
-Removed that and put the Raid card back in (4x Samsung ssds)
-Added an Elgato HD60 capture card
-All fine.

Fast forward a couple of months
-Removed raid card
-Added a Samsung M.2 PCie with card
-Added a Sound Blaster card

BOOM! The problems started.
-Switch on, few seconds later with no beep switches off. Switches on again.
-Reset bios. Same.
-Removed all the cards, devices etc. Same.
-Removed the ram leaving only 1 stick. Same
-Reset bios. Posted.
-Updated Bios to F23
-Seems to be fine with 2x standard DDR4
-Removed them and put the Hyper-X into 1,3,5,7 slots. Doesn't really like it.
-Boots fine a few times
-Ram in 1,2,3,4 slots
-Boots fine a few times
-Switches on, black screen, resets, starts again, bios screen.
-Switch off, on again and boots.

Grrrrrr. A sane person would buy standard ram BUT this board has worked fine for months and now this. The price of ram is silly, at this point in time, so it would be cheaper to replace the board.  Any hints?

I've tried setting the ram to max stability with no change. It won't boot at all if I set XMP.

This could very well be my last Gigabyte board!

Re: GA-X99-SLI (rev. 1.0) - F23 bios - Boot behaviour
« Reply #1 on: September 27, 2017, 08:35:06 am »
I've found my solution!  As ram is expensive I've ordered the following:

Asus X99-Deluxe II Motherboard
Corsair Air 740 case
Arctic 360 Water cooling

I'll use the 2x5Gb sticks of 2400Mhz ram to get it running as intended and sell the entire machine onto someone else. They can then opt to buy the ram that's only on the list and fight to get it working. In all the years putting these things together I've never had this happen on any other board (I might browse the ram list but just buy x or y)

No more Gigabyte boards (Or I'll at least check the forums first).

P.s. Having to enter the captcha and secret word each time is pants.
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Re: GA-X99-SLI (rev. 1.0) - F23 bios - Boot behaviour
« Reply #2 on: October 03, 2017, 12:17:44 pm »

All parts moved to a new case, new cooler and new Asus motherboard.

All working perfectly fine.

Thanks Gigabyte for a faulty board. Shame as it worked fine for quite a long time.