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Help needed with BIOS update on overclocked system

Help needed with BIOS update on overclocked system
« on: October 12, 2017, 05:01:28 pm »
Hello guys,

I sincerely hope someone can assist me here.

I have an overclocked MB, RAM and i7 bundle purchased from Overclockers UK.  My MB is the GA-Z270X-Ultra Gaming (rev. 1.0).

When shipped, the BIOS version on the MB was F2.  The current version is F7.  Two of the BIOS revisions confirm adjustments to 'Improve DDR stability and compatibility'.

I am having random BSOD's being caused by 'memory management' which I ascertain to me adding another tow (completely identical) RAM modules to bring my total RAM up to 32Gb.

I have tested said RAM modules with Memtest and no errors are found.

This rather leaves me in the position of suspecting that I need to flash the latest F7 BIOS.  Of course, if I do this, I will lose all my overclock settings.

If I backup my BIOS settings and reflash to the latest version BIOS, will a restore of these settings work with the new BIOS?

Please help; the people at Overclockers are fobbing me off with excuses of why they didn't think to flash the BIOS to the latest version before commencing the overclocking procedure.

Cheers in advance!


Re: Help needed with BIOS update on overclocked system
« Reply #1 on: October 18, 2017, 03:23:46 pm »

For future reference, never buy a system or bundle that is sold and pre-overclocked.
Anyway, I can try to help but need some information first.

Hardware details
- Memory kits
- Windows 10?
- What is the overclock running at the moment?

The BIOS flash may not resolve the issues, it could be the overclock settings are not suitable for use with 4x memory modules.

In the BIOS have you seen the settings, if so are you able to post them here or take a photo of each screen.

Yes sometimes if the BIOS change is big you will lose all your settings but either way we can get it back / better than before so don't worry about it.

A more important concern would be, does the system function perfectly fine with 4x memory sticks at default settings?
No overclocking is the way to determine if you have a hardware fault or issue with the OC.
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