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GA-Z270XP-SLI (1.0) mining rig 7 GPU


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GA-Z270XP-SLI (1.0) mining rig 7 GPU
« on: November 10, 2017, 08:49:44 pm »
Good afternoon.
After a long conversation with support, they were sent here;)

This motherboard has 7 ASUS RX470 4Gb GPUs via risers (6 PCIe and 1 M2 to PCIe).
Driver version Win10-64Bit-Crimson-ReLive-Beta-Blockchain-Workloads-Aug23
Version of motherboard BIOS 7a (provided with support).
MSI Afterburner 4.4.0 Beta 19 (just tried Beta 16)
Windows 10 x64
The settings are made as described here

The system works, but:
1. If onboard video card is enable:
1.1. Because of the included onboard video card, there is no way to manage the Core Voltage card in MSI Afterburner
1.2. If you work with this machine using RDP (it's more convenient for me to service it) - MSI Afterburner knocks down all the settings and does not do anything like it does not have cards. Although the process of mining itself continues normally.
1.3. If RDP is connected before starting MSI Afterburner - it also does not accept the cards. Claymore Miner at the same time reports that there are no OpenCL video cards.
2. If onboard video card is disable:
2.1. There are no such problems as described above
2. When you start the system in safe mode, just a black screen (the BIOS splash screen is visible, it's just a black screen far away)
3. Without the installed drivers on the video card, also a black screen. At the same time there is access via RDP and if you install drivers and restart the system - the picture appears

Can anyone explain to me what I'm doing wrong?
I have a lot of experience in assembling mining rigs, different motherboards (MSI, ASUS ....) but I've never met such a one ...

Thank you for your time.