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Overclocking GTX 970 G1 Gaming

Overclocking GTX 970 G1 Gaming
« on: December 24, 2015, 08:38:59 pm »
I have tried using Gigabyte's OC Guru II, MSI Afterburner, EVGA's Precision X, ZOTAC's Firestorm... all with no effect on the GPU after changing applications settings for overclocking.  No matter what I do every performance monitor shows that the GPU will run at 1177MHz... which is the factory default frequency I am told(Actually 1MHz lower than that.)

When I first purchased this graphics card it was shown that it had a boost clock of 1329MHz, but I have yet to see this boost clock on all GPU performance monitors.  Unless I am mistaken the GPU should apply the boost clock settings when the game starts to run under 60-75 fps or whatever the monitor refresh rate is.

Adjusting the OC setting in the OC Guru II should set the base GPU clock at 1203MHz and boost at 1354MHz, but still it will only run at 1177MHz.

Can anyone please explain to me what the problem I am having here is?

Overclocking GTX 970 G1 Gaming
« Reply #1 on: May 05, 2017, 05:28:39 pm »
salve ragazzi
ho la scheda
mi chiedevo se cerano delle impostazioni giа pronte per MSI Afterburner?