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EP45-UD3P Bios setting Help

EP45-UD3P Bios setting Help
« on: April 08, 2009, 06:08:40 pm »
Can anyone help me with my bios setting? I think that I'am missing something, and cpu-z says
that I'am off too.

MB is      EP45-UD3P     Bios F8
CPU    Intel E6850   3.0    FSB 1333
Ram  OCZ Reaper 2@ 2GB  PC9200  DDR2 1150    5-6-6-18    2.2v

I have set in Bios:

Cpu clocck ratio    9X
Cpu hoist clock     enabled
Cpu hoist Freq     333

(G)MCH  freq latch                   333
System memory multipler         3.20b
bios says memory freq         800      1066
DRAM timming control   manual
CAS latency      5
tRCD                6
tRP                   6
tRAS               18

DRAM voltage     2.2

CPU-Z says that I'am at:

core speed     2000   
 multiplyer        x6
Bus speed       333.4
rated FSB       1333.7

DRAM freq      533.5
FSB DRAM       5:8
CAS                5
tRCD               6
tRP                  6
tRAS              18

any help would be appreciated, thank you for your time...



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Re: EP45-UD3P Bios setting Help
« Reply #1 on: April 11, 2009, 06:47:12 pm »
Ok, CPU first:

It has EIST and Speedstep enabled in BIOS by default, and they are very useful when idling and not doing much cpu-intensive work. Saves money ; )
When you jump into a game, or something very cpu intensive it will immediately clock up to full speed if it needs to.

If overclocks become stable however, these features may be the cause.

Memory: DDR2 is double data rate, so for every clock cycle it can send 2 pieces of information, so 533Mhz may be the true speed of the memory, but you have to double that number to get effective speed. So your memory is indeed running at 1066Mhz (533x2).

Hope this solved your worries, your pc is working just fine ; )
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