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Case GZ-X1BPD-100 review(ish)


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Case GZ-X1BPD-100 review(ish)
« on: June 03, 2010, 04:14:59 pm »
First off I apologise for the bad quality pictures - I had to use the my phone camera the only camera which was available at the time.
This isn't really proper review as such, we got this case at work for a complete build. There arent any pics of the complete build unfortunately phone battery died *sigh* Still is better than nothing! :D
It only cost us £27 + VAT so had low expectations but was highly impressed by the quality of it.

Full model number etc:

Front/side view

Rear view

2x Front USB, Fwire + Audio

Probably not the best PSU in the world.. but for the price still very good :)

Front + Rear 120mm fan with fan speed controllers - both fairly quiet even at full speed.
I found the medium speed setting was best compromise between airflow and quietness

Not usually a fan of these quick fit type things (usually prefer ye olde screw method :P) but found they secured the HDD and optical drive with no
movement at all.

Over all highly impressed usually cases at this sort of price range are flimsy and have sharp edges. Having build an entire PC using this case I found no
sharp edges what so ever and the general structure was incredibly sturdy.
I will defiantly be recommending this for people building a budget PC due to its cheap price + awesome build quality
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