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OC'ed memory (2000/PC3-16000) & GA-P55A-UD6 & Power Savings

OC'ed memory (2000/PC3-16000) & GA-P55A-UD6 & Power Savings
« on: November 07, 2009, 11:45:26 pm »
Hi, Everyone-
I have a GA-P55A-UD6 on its way which I plan to use with an i7 860.

I'm thinking about picking up G.Skill's 2x2GB Ripjaws DDR3-2000 (PC3-16000) which runs at 9-9-9-27 at 1.65V:

My only question is this: with entering in RAM settings manually (as I assume I'd have to do to get 2000 performance), will I negate the power savings features this MB provides (if I OC nothing else)?

If I negate power settings features with 2000 (which I'd rather not do), can I still get the 2000 memory and run it at 1333 (the highest officially supported speed) and then get the benefit of the power settings features?  (In that case I'd be happy to have excessive memory which I might *someday* take advantage of given the difference in price is virtually nothing from straight Ripjaws 1333).

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