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What kind of new technology you demand from GIGABYTE?

Official Gigabyte Cup Holders (must fit JOLT Cola)
4 (9.8%)
SATA 3.0 Coffee ports (with high-speed cappuccino output)
8 (19.5%)
Built-in "Gigabyte Girlfriend" (since we often forget what the real thing is)
15 (36.6%)
Front panel mounted "any key" so installs are easier
5 (12.2%)
Bay mount beer fridge
7 (17.1%)
Another one (please mention below)
2 (4.9%)

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What kind of new technology you demand from GIGABYTE?

Re: What kind of new technology you demand from GIGABYTE?
« Reply #30 on: July 15, 2012, 02:34:44 am »
As another idea how about Optical interfaces for HDD's rather than the present SATA/IDE cable set up? A thin fibre optical cable from the HDD to a socket on the motherboard, would help with airflow through the chassis and more information and, at a faster rate, could be transmitted than the current technology allows.

Fibre Channel is widely used on servers. Boot the OS from SAS or SSD and all your main storage is on FC connected drives in another part of the room - or in another building. The main performance benefit of optical is distance, but electrical interfaces can be made faster than current SATA standards, so no need to replace internal SATA with optical interfaces. Having a tidy chassis is nice, but I tend to find that it is the SATA power cables that are the messy ones, not the SATA data interface cables.

Fibre has it's own set of problems - special tools to terminate, minimum bending radius limitations.

What I'd like to see... a low power consumption ARM CPU based motherboard. Sort of like a Raspberry Pi on steroids. But perhaps supporting the ARMv7 / hard floating point chips. Unlike the Raspberry Pi, the board should expandable to add memory and various storage/interface devices. Apart from the people that want to run some Linux distribution or Android, there is the HTPC market wanting a small, low power, fanless device.

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Re: What kind of new technology you demand from GIGABYTE?
« Reply #31 on: November 18, 2012, 08:15:04 am »
Here we go :
Why Gigabyte add as example an marvell chipset(GA-790-FXTA/GA-990FXA) which cant be used with expected speed or for Raid if you even use the AMD Raid at the same time if you try to do it so ?
Please fix these issues anyway first, after that your forum will be fullfilled of : I reaaaaly LOVE Gigabyte, my next board will be again from Gigabyte and now i drink a Coffe before that Chilled beer !!

Please just fullfill your promises at Hardware Specifications first, before adding something new!