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890GPA-UD3H + 1055t Overclocking help....


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890GPA-UD3H + 1055t Overclocking help....
« on: July 12, 2010, 01:13:25 pm »
Hi all,

Having just purchased 890GPA-UD3H mainboard and a 1055t CPU I have decided to overclock. I currently have it running @3.8ghz on stock volts and it's stable on Win 7 but not games. To achieve this I have done the following.

Disabled Turbocore / Cool n Quiet and C1E
CPU Ratio x 14
CPU Bus Frequency is at around 272

I think the Northbridge is at around 2300mhz

Ram is unchanged at the moment and is within the limit.

Now my question is, what would you recommend to try to make this stable? I was trying to make it stable without upping and volts for now, which is why I haven't tried for 4ghz.

Also, does anyone know what the Northbridge is capable of for this board? Is it capable of 2400mhz?

Thanks a lot.


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Re: 890GPA-UD3H + 1055t Overclocking help....
« Reply #1 on: July 12, 2010, 03:37:51 pm »
I currently have it running @3.8ghz on stock volts and it's stable on Win 7 but not games

These X6 CPU's from AMD are pretty solid when it comes to O/Cing the blighters, but how do you get the max from them? That is the question.
As you will no doubt understand, having got to the stage that you are already at, squeezing that extra speed out of the CPU is not always straight forward and can take ages to get the settings right in BIOS for the system to be stable.

Unfortunately, every PC is different and there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to tweaking, what works for me could well cause you no end of issues. Whenever I get a new CPU and I want to find out the limits of my system I use AMD Overdrive ( ) it does a reasonable job of getting everything out of the system and, once it has sorted everything out, you can transfer the voltages, timings, settings, etc., into BIOS safe in the knowledge that it is going to work as you expect it to.
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