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Smart Fan 5 Configuration - Setting Workload-RPM Mapping

Smart Fan 5 Configuration - Setting Workload-RPM Mapping
« on: January 11, 2018, 05:15:27 pm »
In gigabyte app center, under SIV, you have manual controls for Smart Fan 5. These let you set temp vs Workload curves. However, the workload-RPM lists down the right side in the fan controls, next to the curve settings for each fan, do not appear to be editable. They appear to be set by calibration only. It can pick full speed or some intermediate speed for all entries for a fan, even though it is a variable speed fan that should be running at different speeds. It can choose nonsensical settings like ludicrous spikes or mappings that decrease speed with increased workload. It can choose max speeds with no relation to the actual max speeds of the fan.

You can have 1200RPM fans set with 200RPM max speed. You can have speeds that spike to 3000 RPM on 1000RPM max fans.

The temp vs workload control is meaningless without a way to edit workload-RPM mapping. How can I set these mappings?
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