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Aero15X i7 8750H - bluescreens, microfreezes, and more (full updates)


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Hey there,

I have invested in an AERO 15X for the great panel, the GTX 1070, slim bezel and overall quality of the product that would be expected for the price tag.

I bought it before it came out in Germany,
once released, I received a version that has like 30 min. battery life and bluescreens with factory installations.
I gave it back to switch it out. That took three weeks in waiting time.
The new one, that came had a broken warranty seal (someone opened the back panel). So I immediately gave it back and re-ordered a new one. That took like 6 Weeks of waiting time while I had to go back to my old workstation and use it. The "NEW" one was technically fine but had an open package, broken package seal, fingerprints all over the notebook and a removed display protection. Technically not an issue but since I was so lucky so far, the shop and I agreed that that is not a quality of a pristine product to start with and replaced it with a new one. Which I had to order and wait a two week time again. Once that notebook came I was happy and thought, finally i can work with this. (Game Design, CG Artist, Concept Art, Fusion360 and Solid works for some engineering parts of my current project).

Since day 1, I am battling micro freezes when any wifi or USB device is attached. Long freezes and system lag when nothing is attached or connected to it.
Battery life of max. 1.2 hours. (I assume the gpu is still not properly addressed). Many, MANY bluescreens every day.
Most of them with a fatal error for GPU initialization, some with irq failure some with faulty drive ini. Long list.

So since then, (June 2018) I am in a long long mail conversation with the support.
After they asked me to update this and that (which was already updated) they asked me now finally once more to send my notebook in.
But that is the one thing I really do not want to do. As I did that already three times, kinda....

For the price of 2.500 EUR which is almost the price I paid for my local workstation, this is crazy to ask a customer that while THE PRODUCT IS NOT USABLE....

You believe me? This is a quick (sorry, did it in real time, not cropped) video of me trying to write smth.....

A question to all AERO 15x users... Do you have the same or similar problems? How did you solve them? I re-installed all, clean, factory image as well fully empty windows 10ß pro, latest build, latest drivers for everything.
Also tried to install the gpu wake driver, no fix.

@Support. I am reaching out via this channel, as there is nothing happening anymore.... The are "reaching out to another team" since 14 days.