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Auto settings = bad


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Auto settings = bad
« on: March 01, 2018, 03:05:36 pm »
It seems to me that all the auto settings on the Aorus AX370 Gaming K7 (rev 1.0) have dodgy automatic settings. Sure, they're okay to keep things running, but for longevity, I seriously question it.

Example. The F10 BIOS and software all reported my SOC at over 1.2v (not by much but still) and matched. Set it to auto at 1V and it's fine. Why so high?

My RAM, with XMP as a profile, 1.35V set in automatic, 1.38V delivered. Why? I know software isn't as accurate and neither is the BIOS but they usually under-report or are closer to the value than being way ahead of a value (for safety reasons I guess). So the question is, why are the K7 boards pushing so much voltage under automatic settings?

I've been manually shaving off voltages here and there... only on VCore, SOC, DRAM. It looks like I'll have to keep an eye out for this with future Gigabyte boards. Not particularly happy about it as this can potentially shorten the lifespan, even if used for a short time.


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Re: Auto settings = bad
« Reply #1 on: March 02, 2018, 06:26:36 pm »
You aren't the first to make this type of report.  The board is a year old now and offers support for more than one gen CPU.  When this happens, voltages, stepping and microcode updates can be redone multiple times.  Unfortunately, this doesn't always mean the latest or most current BIOS has been optimized for  your hardware.  Especially true of you are running a previous gen processor with the latest BIOS.  My Z97 rig is a good example of this.  F10 or later BIOS works best with 5th gen Broadwell processors...  Used with a 4th gen Devils Canyon CPU and issues with voltage and stepping occurred for some.

This is not meant to be an excuse for lax implementation, just a possible explanation as to what could be influencing the behavior you are seeing.   
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