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Is MSI afterburner conflicting with the Gigabyte extreme application ?

So i have just used Gigabyte Extreme to set my card to the OC setting,the higher one above GAMING , but i also use MSI afterburner to montitor temps in game
In MSI i have not changed anything,its as it came when i downloaded it apart from me configuring the OSD settings

When i open MSI when my PC is idle (well a web browser open) its reporting 139 MHz and 405 MHz in the base and boost section, they seem extremely low for my card (windforce 1080 )

I am thinking its normal for the card to run that low at idle but not too sure, it could also be that is conflicting with the settings i have put in the Gigabyte Extreme application but i need the monitoring features of MSI

Does anyone know if it will be causing problems having both installed please   ?

Also once i have set the profile in Gigabyte Extreme can i then close it and stop it running at startup ? hopefully once i have set the profile ,its set to the card and doesnt need the Extreme application running for it to be active



I've both installed and used both and think readings are fairly accurate so don't think your issue could be conflict
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