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Aero 15 trackpad - subtle issue compared to previous Gigabyte laptop

Hi, took delivery of an Aero 15W last week and generally very happy - great performance, build and screen quality. Only really two issues: keyboard is a little stiff and often the shift key doesn't register without a firm press which I'm not used to. Am sure I'll get used to it / it'll wear in.

Second issue is a subtle difference in behaviour of the Elan trackpad compared to my previous Gigabyte P35W. Am wondering if there are any options to change this behaviour...

The issue is that while moving the mouse with one finger, I'm used to leaving my finger on the pad and clicking _anywhere_ on the trackpad to register a left mouse click. Now I have to hit the dedicated region at the bottom-left of the trackpad. Subtle but annoying difference!

Is this behaviour bugging anyone else? I couldn't find a setting for it in the Elan control panel...