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s1080 OS


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s1080 OS
« on: April 02, 2015, 07:17:27 am »
I purchased the s1080 a few years ago, used it all the time for about 3 months then let it sit around for a while. It isn't that I don't like it, I really love it however too many toys and it tends to get pushed to the side (Android tablet gets the same treatment).

That being said, I was surprised that each time I load up the tablet it works, even after sitting around with no battery. As soon as I plug in the power it loads up and works fine and the battery life is as good as every.

About a year ago I decided to play with it again and try some different operating systems on it. Windows 7 is fine however I wanted to play.

Linux Mint: Not that great with touch screens so it was quickly uninstalled
Ubuntu: I had Ubuntu installed on it and it worked fine, I lost the side bar touch buttons however it still worked fine. Had a few glitches and it was a pain to setup correctly. At the start it didn't like the touch screen, after a little playing around with settings it started to work ok.

Current adventure:

Windows 10 tech preview. I ended up installing windows 7 again, downloaded all the drivers and installed them then installed windows 10 from the desktop. That way the drivers will still work and didn't have to worry about issues with installing once w10 was installed.

Windows 10 installs with no issues, it does take longer to install than w7 however it finally got there.
First impressions was it is basically w7 with some w8 features. It is very slow and it doesn't allow you to increase the screen resolutions resulting in a lot of the features not working.

It lasted around 30 minutes on my s1080 before I installed w7 back on it.

If anyone wants to know how other operating systems run on the s1080 let me know and I will install and test for you.

If you are looking for the drivers:

I have also uploaded some on one of my websites:


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Re: s1080 OS
« Reply #1 on: April 09, 2015, 03:03:27 pm »
Hi and thanks for trying this out on other operating systems. Did you try the resolution hack in win10 to change it to 1024x768?
Happy S1080 owner from Barbados


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Re: s1080 OS
« Reply #2 on: November 24, 2017, 03:27:56 am »
Hi and thanks for trying this out on other operating systems. Did you try the resolution hack in win10 to change it to 1024x768?

Hi Davidbec,

Sorry for the late reply. No have have not tried any mods to the res. I actually played with tablet a little, put it back in it's box left it. Today I came across your post because I decided to have a play with the tablet again. I searched for Ubuntu on s1080 and found my old post. lol. Was hoping to find out if the latest version of Ubuntu will be any better.

No other posts on the net about this so I guess you and I are the only ones interested in it. I am installing the current release of Ubuntu now to see if it works better. I will probably just give this tablet to my daughter to use, hens the need for Ubuntu. She is 4 and Ubuntu is very easy to navigate.

I did see Gigabyte have the S11M however they don't sell them in Australia. The only retailer they have listed doesn't sell them anymore. I wouldn't mind getting my hands on one to see how that would perform with other OS. Will have to hunt around on ebay I guess.

What I have found with the new version of Ubuntu out of the box install is the on-screen keyboard is there in the top menu when you install however at login screen it isn't. This soft key for the keyboard doesn't work so logging in isn't possible. Tried using a macro on the mouse however it didn't like it.

I changed the install to auto login and that is fine, until it goes to screen saver. Still very slow. If you try to set the softkey as the launcher for the HUD keys it will just sit on that screen. Doesn't allow you to select the soft key. You have to go into settings, universal access and then activate HUD keys. This will give you the icon at the top of the screen and auto appear when needed.

Fyi, this is also a reminder for me. As I dare say in the future I will have these issues and not remember what I did.