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New board and CPU a Sloooooow runner.


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New board and CPU a Sloooooow runner.
« on: September 13, 2018, 11:21:25 am »
Can anyone help please?

I have built my new machine some months ago, installed W10 64 but didnt like it as it was running really slow, So last week installed W7 64 and its doing the exact same, Both OS's where updated, The machine was slow Not just online and when I mean slow the youtube videos where a spinning Icon?  and running aps it would be the same?

I am hardwired into my router with a 90Meg broadband connection with a CAT6 cable.

After seeing the system slow with W7 I had gone into MSCONFIG and stopped any Adobe (Non Flash) progs that start and any others as I have a Youtube channel and have lots of Adobe products for editing but the problem was before I went into MSCONFIG and even after it was the same, I also went into services and stopped any NON MS progs apart from the ones I knew that needed to be running, I did this on both OS's after I saw them being slow. Nothing has worked this sytem is a dead setup and TBH I am not impressed.

I have this setup:

8700K (Not OC'd)
16gb DDR4 3200Mhz
Z370 Gaming 7 board
X2 GTX980
Corsair AX860 PSU

Its really baffling me what this is? I did install some drivers for the board from the disc but there is THAT many gigabyte have hardly made it straight forwards to understand which are important installations and which can be optional so maybe this is it?

IF anyone can offer some light I would be most greatful.


BTW why for the love of god does this forum have Verifications under my post and the question "Which core products does Gigabyte manufacture"  This is OTT when to get on the forum is evident that I am NOT a bot??