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9700k with Z390 Gaming X Mobo Permanently OC'd Out of the box - Why?

Hi Everybody.  I've just installed a Gigabyte Z390 Gaming X motherboard with an i7 9700K CPU into my PC.

Booted up nicely without even looking at the BIOS - installed HWMonitor to see all of those cores running at 3.6GHz but they were all at 4.6 or thereabouts.  Quickly went to the BIOS to check what was going on - everything set to standard but in the top right (information) it says i7-9700K CPU@3.6GHz, Speed 4601.17MHz.

Why?  Surely it should be running at stock speeds and that's what i want to see when i first install something out of the box.

Confirmed in Core temp too.