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Aorus 1080Ti Output Switching Problem

Aorus 1080Ti Output Switching Problem
« on: March 24, 2019, 01:47:27 pm »
My Aorus 1080Ti is doing something odd when changing video outputs between the DVI and the HDMI 2 port: If I install the driver with the cable plugged into the HDMI 2, when I unplug and swap to the DVI I get a black screen. If I restart with the cable still in the DVI, I get a "video memory management internal" error, and then the machine restarts with the Nvidia driver suspended (low resolution). The machine will then reinstall the driver and outputs fine from the DVI -  but now if I unplug and swap back to the HDMI 2, I get the black screen and the video memory management internal error on restart. So it seems like the driver sets itself up for either one port or the other, and cannot be switched without reinstalling the driver. All the other ports (HDMI 1 and 3x Displayport) seem happy to work with anything else.

I'm aware that the HDMI 2 and DVI ports cannot be used at the same time, but I find it odd that you cannot unplug one and plug in the other without effectively uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers.

Can anyone advise how to fix this problem?
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