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my MOBO GB Z270M-D3H screen goes blank when i connect a RX580 8G GPU

I am looking for a way to make my motherboard work with my Saphire Radeon RX580 8GB,  my MOBO is Z270M-D3H with 8gb kingston hyperx,
The problem is when i connect my rx580 and switch on the computer, nothing is displayed on the screen not even POST,
the screen is blank and the system doesn't boot at all,
I have to disconnect the rx580, and connect the VGA to inboard display adaptor and restart the system, and then it works,
can anyone tell me how to succesfully connect the graphics card!


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Re: my MOBO GB Z270M-D3H screen goes blank when i connect a RX580 8G GPU
« Reply #1 on: September 08, 2019, 06:35:47 pm »
Have to ask since you didn't say.  The card requires an 8-pin PCIe power connection.  Did you connect this?

What power supply are you using?   

What BIOS Rev are you running?

Are there any BIOS specific updates from Sapphire for you card?
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