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Problem with GA-H55M-S2

Problem with GA-H55M-S2
« on: October 07, 2019, 12:16:31 pm »

I haven't my changes to my setup (hardware,bios..etc) in last at least a month (so this is the random problem that happened suddenly):

yesterday I started my PC and everything was ok. After 10 minutes suddenly I had BSOD (cause: something about NON PAGED DATA was on blue screen). Then I shut down my pc and started it again. It ran but didnt boot anything, I just heard numerous repetative beeps (dont know how much) and the PC shut down itself. After 5 minutes I started it again:

- bios started, but my screen was totally blue (not just letters, I thing my whole screen was a bit blue-colored)
- while starting, BIOS gave message about last system crash - something about overclocked parameters (but I didnt do anything at all to my BIOS!!!) - and I entered OK
- windows did start but my screen is still kind of blue (picture in attachment).

Do you know what happened?