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Overclocking guide for Z390 Aorus Master new F10 bios (rel. 10/28/19)?

Can anyone please point me to an updated overclocking guide for the newest Gigabyte Z390 F10 bios?  There are a number of options missing from this revision and I am trying to overclock the i9-9900ks manually. I’m currently running at 5.1 ghz all cores sustained boost with just a simple tweak of the clock ratio to 51 with MCE on which of course causes unnecessarily high board voltages (up to 1.376) but I can’t get all core sustained turbo boost manually. I’d like to set a lower Vcore manually, but as soon as I try to manipulate the core voltage and turn MCE off, my cores only sustain the 5.1 boost for about 10 to 20 seconds before clocking back down to 5.0.  I’ve tried using the prior bios guide but it is not very helpful now given that I am running F10 which is supposedly optimized for the i9-9900ks. CPU temps have not been an issue at all, never exceeding 75c which I think is impressive, but I would nevertheless like to get my voltage down if at all possible to preserve the longevity of the chip. I’m not new to overclocking and I never had this problem on my previous Asus Z370 board. Thank you!

Oh and here is a link to my rig just for reference:
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