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GeForce 710 detects DVI but not HDMI


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GeForce 710 detects DVI but not HDMI
« on: January 22, 2020, 12:33:30 am »
This is very odd. I'm building a new PC, and temporary I'm using my old GeForce 710 on it.

I had it connected to an old monitor by its DVI port. It was working fine as I was installing and configuring apps, I'm using VNC to connect to it remotely.

I now brought it to my room, so I can connect it to my TV by HDMI, so I have sound and can install and test some codecs and games, before I move my GTX 1070 to it and turn it my Main PC.

But it's not working. With both TV and PC powered on, when I connect HDMI to my PC, the TV detects it and automatically changes to its input, but then reports no signal.

I'm still able to access PC using VNC. On Windows Display, the Multiple displays Detect command reports "Didn't detect another display.

I installed nVidia Control Panel, and it reports an "Analog Display" using VGA connector! WTF! My TV is 4K, still the maximum resolution available is 2560x1600, which is DVI's maximum.

What might it be? Maybe its HDMI version is too old for the TV and it's not supported? Is it possible to refresh display detection?

Update 1: I rebooted it and entered UEFI setup, it also didn't work. So it's not a Windows/driver issue.

A few years ago I used this 710 as a secondary GPU, and its HDMI used to work fine connected to my Yamaha A2050. I'm gonna try to get a HDMI cable to connect them once again, and also bring my old monitor to use DVI and see if at least Control Panel stops wrongly reporting VGA connector.

Another note, Intel IGP has always been disabled on UEFI.

Update 2: I managed to connect it by HDMI to my left monitor. I connect it to Main by DVI (I don't wanna mess with Main until I have New ready, as it's working fine and I need PC for a lot of stuff and don't wanna risk) and remembered I had another spare HDMI cable connected on it.

It's a good old 30" Dell 2560x1600 monitor. HDMI worked fine with it! It seems to be some incompatibility between my GT 710 and my Samsung 7000KS. I'm gonna now setup my New PC on the other side of my room, and use my Switch HDMI cable to connect it directly to A2050...

On the past when the card and receiver were connected, I had a Sony 4K TV. Anyway, let's try it and see what happens :(
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Re: GeForce 710 detects DVI but not HDMI
« Reply #1 on: January 22, 2020, 01:22:00 am »
Well now it worked. Connecting it directly to TV doesn't work, but connecting to Yamaha works. I doubt it's the cable as I've used it before and it's HDMI 2.0. Yamaha is also 2.0 and 4K works.