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GA-H110M S2H - no beeps


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GA-H110M S2H - no beeps
« on: October 04, 2020, 06:15:40 am »
After the last issues that I had with this board, GA-H110M S2H, it finally worked well for about two months and then a new problem appeared. pressing the power knob causes the power supply to operate, but that's it. the display is blank and no beeps are heard. I've replaced the loudspeaker to make sure that the speaker is not faulty. I've replaced the power supply, the same result. finally I've replaced the cpu but the outcome remained the same. what's odd, is the fact that after pushing the power knob in order to turn it off, it "restarts" on it's own after a second or two and the led light strip at the left bottom corner of the board lights up. I must point that I find it quite odd since the board wasn't used for over two years since I've bought it. I have another board - the same model- which I bought previous to this board and it works perfectly since and that's why I bought the second board. any ideas if there is any cure for the board?


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Re: GA-H110M S2H - no beeps
« Reply #1 on: October 05, 2020, 02:52:00 pm »
While I'm sure the problem or behavior you are experiencing is obvious to you, what you are describing is a bit vague.

"After the last issue"..  Which was what?

Am I following correctly?

You have a system that powers on but does not POST? 

You've replace the power supply and CPU, but the "No POST" situation persists?

"Board wasn't used for two years"...  Did it ever work?

Great you have replaced the PSU and CPU. 

Other options.
-Perform a close inspection of the board
Circuitry, capacitors
CPU and socket
Memory modules and slots
Verify all connections
Reseat all cards
Perform a CMOS Reset
Try booting with only one memory module installed
Be willing to bench test the board (outside the case)
You need to perform more troubeshooting and decrease the number of potential problem areas or variables.

If none of this helps. try bench testing.  That failing, and if no damage exists, the board is not worth much, you can RMA and see what Support finds. 

Board has a 3 yr warranty.  You'll need proof of purchase (date):


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