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Aorus X7 DT V8 - The laptop is randomly shutting down - no overheating


About two years ago I bought Aorus x7 DT v8. One month ago, I had to remove and dispose of the battery since it has inflated and I've been running directly on the power adapter ever since.

Recently, the laptop started randomly shutting down, while gaming or just watching Youtube or just basically doing regular stuff, and the weird thing is, I cannot power it back on unless I disconnect the power cable and wait a couple of seconds.

The laptop is not overheating, since I'm constantly monitoring the temperatures and cleaning the fans and heatsinks on a regular basis. The CPU and GPU are not overclocked.

It's very hard to tell what could be causing these sudden shutdowns since there is no message or anything. It could be the power adapter itself, but I did measure the output voltage and it seems fine.

Yesterday I received a new battery, and it didn't fix the problem. Here's what happened:

As I turned on the laptop, the battery was at 13% and it said 2h to fully charged. I went on with my work, and after 20 minutes, the laptop stuttered for a second while I was in the middle of some audio rendering, and the charging stopped (and if it wasn't for the battery to take over, the laptop would've turned off). I had to unplug and reconnected power cable in order to start the charging process, but this time it said 4h to fully charged.... what the hell is happening?

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