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Vision oc 3070 broke in 2 hours , gigabyte won't respond

Vision oc 3070 broke in 2 hours , gigabyte won't respond
« on: February 11, 2021, 10:29:54 am »
Good evening,fifteen  day's ago I received the vision oc 3070 from

Within two-three hours of use I got a flatline error trying play cyberpunk and after that error the system would freeze 3-4 seconds into windows every time.

After that I tried my older 1060 6gb gpu and it works fine.I swapped psu but nothing changed Removed driver's with uninstaller for clean install in safe mode but system crashes again  Midway installation of the drivers , every time .i tried older drivers and studio drivers too.

I eventually did a format to my system for a clean install and again crashed Midway driver installation.

Finally I took the card out to test it on a different system and got the same results , crash midway installing drivers .

I purchased this card from official and not a reseller to make sure it would be a quality purchase.This has cost both financially and timewise as I waited for this for over a month to arrive in the first place.

 makes me wonder if it was a refurbished sub bar material crafted product.Also at this time its nearly impossible for me to obtain a new card.And I feel utterly disappointed .When contacting amazon I was offered a full refund however this does not cover me ,as what I need is a working card .So I would like a replacement as a refund doesn't cover my needs.

this is the message i sent to gigabyte technical and normal online support 14 days ago and have yet to receive an answer .
any feedback would be appreciated.

Re: Vision oc 3070 broke in 2 hours , gigabyte won't respond
« Reply #1 on: February 25, 2021, 07:16:14 pm »
No one answers ever , no e support no emails nothing , amazing aftersale.
Never ever going to buy any product from this company again.